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About the Team

NExSS Organizational Structure

The NExSS project is overseen by representatives from NASA HQ, three co-leads, and a Steering Committee composed of the PIs of funded proposal teams selected to be the founding members of NExSS.


NASA HQ representatives

Mary Voytek
Shawn Domagal-Goldman



Natalie Batalha, NASA/ARC
Dawn Gelino, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI)
Anthony Del Genio, NASA/GISS


NExSS Management Post-doctoral Fellow

Andrew Rushby, NASA/ARC


NPP Post-doctoral Fellows

Eva Bodman
Daniel Carrera


PIs and teams

Mission to Young Earth 2.0
Vladimir Airapetian (PI), George Khazanov, William Danchi, Antti Pulkkinen, Maria Kuznetsova, Arcadi Usmanov, Chuanfei Dong, Erik Herbrard, Gary Zank, Kevin France, Alex Glocer, Guillaume Gronoff
Earths in Other Solar Systems (EOS): Toward Forming and Discovering Planets with Biocritical Ingredients
Daniel Apai (PI), Colette Salyk, Jeanne Davenport, Dante Minniti, David O'Brien, DeWayne Halfen, Fred Ciesla, Gijs Mulders, Ilaria Pascucci, Jinyoung Serena Kim, Joan Najita, Kate Su, Joshua Eisner, Krishna Muralidharan, Laird Close, Lori Allen, Lucy Ziurys, Matrayee Bose, Min Fang, Neville Woolf, Peter Williams, Phil Hinz, Renu Malhotra, Sandra Pizzarello, Tom Zega, Travis Barman, Benjamin Rackham, Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Andres Jordan, Edwin Bergin, Sebastian Krijt, Kevin Wagner
Rocky Planet Habitability: Insights from Solar System Climate Dynamics through Time
Anthony Del Genio (PI, co-lead), Shawn Domagal-Goldman, Caleb Scharf, Andrew Ackerman, Igor Aleinov, John Armstrong, Rory Barnes, Mark Bullock, Mark Chandler, Thomas Clune, David Grinspoon, Scott Guzewich, Maxwell Kelley, Nancy Kiang, Roxana Lupu, Mark Marley, Alexander Pavlov, Aki Roberge, Tyler Robinson, Gavin Schmidt, Linda Sohl, Christopher Stark, Kostas Tsigaridis, Michael Way, Avi Mandell, Michael McElwain, Rebecca Oppenheimer, Sean Solomon, Melissa Trainer, Ravi Kopparapu, Russell Dietrick, Christopher Colose
Statistical Characterization of the Atmospheres of Kepler’s Small Planets
Drake Deming (PI)
Exoplanetary Ecosystems: Exploring Life’s Detectability on Chemically Diverse Exoplanets
Steven Desch (PI), Mark Marley, Ariel Anbar, Hilairy Hartnett, Patrick Young, Sara Walker, Erik Asphaug, Hinsby Cadillo Quiroz, Natalie Hinkel, Allen McNamara, Susanne Neuer, Jenny Patience, Amisha Poret-Peterson, Dan Shim, Everett Shock, Christy Till, Mini Wadhwa, Misha Zolotov, Stephen Lehner, David Williams, Mike Pagano, Jason Raymond, Jim Eiser, Denton Ebel, Mark Ghiorso, Stephen Kane, Carey Lisse, Eric Mamajek, Sean Raymond, Maggie Turnbull, Paul Dijkstra, Vardan Adibekyan, Jade Bond, Joleen Carlberg, Elisa Delgado Mena, Vikki Meadows, Nuno Santos, Caroline Soubiran, Sergio Sousa
Characterizing the Habitable Zone Planets of Kepler Stars
Debra Fischer (PI), Tabetha Boyajian, Joseph Schmitt
Bulk Properties of Small Transiting Planets and Implications for their Formation
Eric Ford (PI), Daniel Jontof-Hutter, Leslie Rogers, Tsevi Mazeh
Forward and Inverse Modeling of Brown Dwarf Atmospheres
Jonathan Fortney (PI), Mark Marley, Michael Line, Caroline Morley, Y. Katherina Feng, Didier Saumon, Roxana Lupu
Exoplanets Unveiled: Formation, Evolution, and Prospects for Life
James Graham (PI), Paul Kalas, Eugene Chiang, Bruce Macintosh, Vanessa Bailey, Steve Beckwith, Megan Andsell, Jeffrey Chilcote, Ian Czekala, Becky Jensen-Clem, Eric Nielsen
Tidal Dynamics and Orbital Evolution of Terrestrial Class Exoplanets with Time-Varying Internal Melt Fractions
Wade Henning (PI), Terry Hurford, Avi Mandell, Soko Matsumura
Laboratory Investigation of Plausible Photochemical Haze Particles in Hot Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Towards Understanding the Coupled Silicon and CHNO Photochemistry
Hiroshi Imanaka (PI), Panayotis Lavvas, Mark Marley
Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of Planet-Forming Disk: Modeling the Inner Walls of Transitional Disks
Hannah Jang-Condell (PI), David Kasper, Dylan Kloster
Exploring Exoplanetary Exospheres: Extended Atmosphere Detection, Characterization, and Evolution in Exoplanets
Adam Jensen (PI), Seth Redfield, Michael Endl
The Virtual Planetary Laboratory
Vikki Meadows (PI), David Catling, Dorian AbbotEric Agol, Giada Arney, Rory Barnes, Ed Bolton, Russell Deitrick, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, Peter Gao, Jacob Haqq-Misra, Sonny Harman, Erika Harnett, Ben Johnson, Nancy Kiang, Josh Krissansen-Totton, Andrew Lincowski, Rodrigo Luger, Jacob Lustig-Yaeger, Niki Parenteau, Ray Pierrehumbert, Tom Quinn, Sarah Rugheimer, Eddie Schwieterman, Lucianne Walkowicz, Robin WordsworthBenjamin Charnay
The Living, Breathing Planet
William Moore (PI), Nicholas Heavens, Kunio Sayanagi, Jared Bell, Guillame P. Gronoff, Jeremy Drake, Ofer Cohen, Meredith K. Elrod, Mehdi Benna, Phil Arras, Daniel Weimer, Alex Glocer, Shannon Curry, Chris Parkinson, Cecilia Garaffo
The Planet-Forming Environment Close to Young Stars
Neal Turner (PI), Kees Dullemond, Mario Flock, Sebastien Fromang, Richard Nelson, Satoshi Okuzumi
Extending Spitzer to the Ground: A Novel Technique for Probing Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Jason Wright (PI), Ming Zhao
Plasma Environments of Unmagnetized Planets
David Brain (PI), Michael Chaffin

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