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NExSS Affiliates

An affiliate refers to a non-member person, group, or organization whose research interests, goals, and vision are aligned with those of NExSS, and who are, have recently been, or would like to be, actively participating in NExSS activities (workshops, conferences, virtual seminars, white papers, working groups etc.).

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NExSS Affiliates

Sumner Starrfield, Arizona State University - Earth and Space Exploration
Katherine de Kleer, University of California, Berkeley
Anat Shahar, Geophysical Laboratory - Carnegie Institution for Science
Marc Neveu, Arizona State University
Jeremy D. Owens, Florida State University - National High Magnetic Field Labrartory (in collaboration with Theodore Them, Fei Wu, Brett Holdaway)
Adrian Lenardic, Rice University
Svetlana Shkolyar, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Kristin Johnson, Arizona State University
Prajkta Mane, Arizona State University
Adam A. Monroe, Arizona State University
Steffen Buessecker, Arizona State University
Steven Glaser, Arizona State University
Michael R. Meyer, Department of Astronomy - University of Michigan (in collaboration with Felicity B. Hills, Alex R. Howe, Alexandra Greenbaum, Emily Rauscher, Fred C. Adams)

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