NExSS Organizational Structure


The NExSS project is overseen by representatives from NASA headquarters, four co-leads, and a steering committee comprised of the PIs of selected teams. See FAQs for detail information about membership.


PIs and Current Teams

The Desiccation of Habitable Worlds Rory Barnes (PI) Rodolfo Garcia Peter Driscoll
Multiwavelength Characterization of Planet Formation Environment Catherine Espaillat (PI) Alvaro Ribas Enrique Macias
Multiplicity Completeness in K2 Planet Catalogs Brad Hansen (PI) Jon Zink
Rescuing Kepler’s Background and Crowded Targets Christina Hedges (PI) Jessie Dotson Geert Barentsen Ann Marie Cody
Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of Planet-Forming Disks: Modeling the Inner Walls of Transitional Disks Hannah Jang-Condell (PI) David Kasper Dylan Kloster
Searching for Flares and Planets in Young Star Systems With K2 Joe Llama (PI) Lisa Prato Lauren Biddle
Assessing Atmospheric Seasonality as an Exoplanet Biosignature Stephanie Olson (PI) Eddie Schwieterman Andy Ridgwell Chris Reinhard Vikki Meadows Tim Lyons Stephen Kane
The Planetary Systems in the Solar Neighborhood Ilaria Pascucci (PI) Gijs Mulders Katia Cunha Galen Bergsten
Extending Spitzer to the Ground: A Novel Technique for Probing Exoplanetary Atmospheres Jason Wright (PI) Dan Stevens Noah Tuchow Alan Reyes Arvind Gupta Macy Huston Nick Tusay Cayla Dedrick
Plasma Environments of Unmagnetized Planets David Brain (PI) Michael Chaffin
The Roles and Origins of Small-Scale Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks. Sean Andrews (PI) Til Birnstiel Cornelis Dullemond Andrea Isella Laura Perez Zhaohuan Zhu Jane Huang Karin Oberg David Wilner
Discovering and Characterizing Exoplanets with High-Contrast Spectroscopy. Timothy Brandt (PI)
Discovery and Atmospheric Reconnaissance of the Most Spectroscopically Accessible Temperate Transiting Terrestrial Exoplanets. David Charbonneau (PI) Jennifer Winters Robin Wordsworth Dimitar Sasselov Jonathan Irwin Jason Dittmann Raphaelle Haywood Hannah Diamond-Lowe
Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Planet Occurrence Rates: Extending the Kepler Legacy Across a Wide Stellar Parameter Space with K2. Jessie Christiansen (PI) Courtney Dressing
Understanding the Role of Stellar Multiplicity in the Formation and Evolution of Exoplanetary Systems David Ciardi (PI) Rachel Matson
Assessing the Hallmarks of Migration and In Situ Formation in Multi-Exoplanet Systems. Rebekah Dawson (PI) Sarah Morrison Mariah MacDonald
Characterizing Atmospheric Technosignatures Adam Frank (PI) Sofia Sheikh
Exoplanetary Space Weather, Climate and Habitability: Consequences of Atmospheric Loss. Chuanfei Dong (PI) Manasvi Lingam Meng Jin Yuni Lee Stephen Bougher Yingjuan Ma Janet Luhmann Joshua Winn Fei Dai Shannon Curry
Dynamical Evolution of Circumbinary Disks and Embedded Planets. Nader Haghighipour (PI) Wilhelm Kley Frederic Masset
Completing the Puzzle of Exoplanet Host Stars: Stellar Characterization in Support of TESS. Stephen Kane (PI) Joshua Pepper Greg Henry
Long-duration, precision stellar photometry from solar observatories in space. Ralf Kotulla (PI)
Broadband, High-Resolution Frequency Comb Spectroscopy and Multi-Spectral Analysis of Water Vapor and Methane Absorption Up To 1300K For Improved Modeling of Exoplanet Atmospheres. Greg Rieker (PI) Brian Drouin Ryan Cole
Back and Forth, Big and Small: Forward and Inverse Models of Super-Earth and Mini-Neptune Exoplanets. Tyler Robinson (PI)
Giant impacts: The formation and diversity of super-Earths. Hilke Schlichting (PI)
Breaking the Barrier Between Ice and Rock – New Mass-Radius Relations for Gas Giant, Icy Giant, Mini-Neptune, and Water World Exoplanets. Sang-Heon (Dan) Shim (PI)
The effect of salt- and land-albedo feedback on the climate and habitability of M-dwarf planets. Aomawa Shields (PI) Andrew Rushby
A Value-Added, Science-Enabling Catalog of Precise Stellar Properties for the TESS Mission. Keivan Stassun (PI) Ryan Oelkers Joshua Pepper
Completing Kepler’s Census: Using Deep Neural Networks to Measure the Frequency of Earth Analogs. Andrew Vanderburg (PI)
Developing Insights into Debris Disk Composition from Dust Scattering. Alycia Weinberger (PI)
Upside-Down Biospheres and the Remote Detectability of Life on Reducing Planets. Chris Reinhard (PI) Shawn Domagal-Goldman Andy Ridgwell Kazumi Ozaki Giada Arney
A Suite of Tools for Characterizing Imaged Exoplanets Using High Resolution Spectropolarimetry Theodora Karalidi (PI)
A Uniform Catalog of Planets from TESS Full Frame Images Elisa Quintana (PI)
ACCESS: Ground-based, High-Quality Optical Transmission Spectra of Exoplanets to Optimize and Complement Exoplanet Atmospheres Observations with JWST Mercedes López-Morales (PI) James Kirk Chima McGruder Ian Weaver Nestor Espinoza Andres Jordan David Osip Benjamin Rackham Daniel Apai Nikole Lewis
Adaptation of High Precision Atmospheric Trace Gas Retrieval Technique and Updated Spectroscopy to Model Micro-telluric Features enabling EPRV Keeyoon Sung (PI)
Chemical Assessment of M-dwarfs and their Rocky Exoplanets to Improve Characterization in the TESS/JWST Era Natalie Hinkel (PI)
Follow the Volatiles: Tracing Chemical Species Relevant to Habitability from Proto-planetary Disks to Exoplanet Atmospheres Natalie Batalha (PI)
From Exocomets to Technosignatures: Hidden Occulters in Planetary Systems Ann Marie Cody (PI)
Hot and Steamy, Cold and Icy, or Temperate and Habitable: Modeling the Early Evolution of Water World Exoplanets Leslie Rogers (PI)
Metal Enrichment of Giant Planets During their Final Formation Stages Yasuhiro Hasegawa (PI) Gennaro D’Angelo Mark Swain
Moderate Resolution Spectroscopy of Directly Imaged Exoplanets: Abundances, Kinematics, and Algorithms for the Era of JWST Quinn Konopacky (PI) Travis Barman Bruce Macintosh Marshall Perrin Kielan Wilcomb JB Ruffio Laci Brock
Planetary Systems Biochemistry Sara Walker (PI)
Polarization Signatures of Habitable Exoplanets Kimberly Bott (PI) Tiffany Kataria Victoria Meadows
Probing the Compositions of Multi-planet Transiting Systems with Photodynamics Eric Agol (PI)
Space Weather Impacts on Habitable Environments Neil Murphy (PI) Jamie Jasinski Marco Velli Victor Réville Leonardo Regoli
Spectroscopy and Lightcurves of Terrestrial Exoplanet Analogs: Earth and Mars from the EPOXI Discovery Mission Timothy Livengood (PI)
Studying the Habitable Zones of Nearby Main Sequence Stars with Precision Nulling Interferometry Steve Ertel (PI)
Third Rock: Finding the Terrestrial Planets Missing from RV Surveys John Brewer (PI)
To Have but Not to Hold: Atmospheric Mass Loss of Super-Earths and Sub-Neptunes Hilke Schlichting (PI)
Transforming Yields of Direct Imaging Planetary Searches with Young Accelerating Stars Brendan Bowler (PI)

Former NExSS Teams

Exploring Exoplanetary Exospheres: Extended Atmosphere Detection, Characterization, and Evolution in Exoplanets Adam Jensen (PI) Seth Redfield Michael Endl
Tidal Dynamics and Orbital Evolution of Terrestrial Class Exoplanets with Time-Varying Internal Melt Fractions Wade Henning (PI) Terry Hurford Avi Mandell Soko Matsumura