NExSS is open to all members of relevant scientific communities who share our passion for interdisciplinary studies of exoplanets and astrobiology. If you are not already a NExSS member via proposal selection in a participating NASA program, you are welcome to apply for NExSS Affiliate membership. You must read and agree to the NExSS Rules for Participation before joining NExSS (link here). Once you have done this, please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you soon!

If you are a member of a NExSS team, please contact your team’s Principal Investigator for access. The Principal Investigators (PI) of successful proposals and their teams will be invited to join NExSS. NExSS will send an intake form to the PI to collect details if the PI decides that the team will join. The PI will then be responsible for submitting the names of their team members to the NExSS Management team.