NExSS is not a funding agency; rather, it is a network linking NASA-funded teams together to foster collaborations and generate new avenues of research. NExSS is for research teams focused on the detection and characterization of exoplanets and the forces that make them potentially habitable—solar type and activity level, stage of protoplanetary evolution, position relative to other planetary bodies, atmospheric composition, and many other topics. Membership is optional, but highly encouraged!

NExSS teams comprise eligible groups funded through certain NASA Science Mission Directorate ROSES programs, including the Exoplanet Research Program (XRP), Habitable Worlds (HabWorlds), Exobiology, Living with a Star (LWS), and the Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research (ICAR). This list is not exclusive and funded proposals through other programs may be eligible for NExSS membership at the discretion of the NASA HQ representatives and the NExSS Leads.  In this case, potential NExSS PIs are identified and invited. Note: some relevant programs, such as ICAR, are not solicited every year. 

In most cases, the Principal Investigator (PI) can indicate interest in the team joining NExSS when the proposal to these programs is submitted. The NExSS Leads will reach out to eligible PIs of successful proposals to invite them to join NExSS at the beginning of the grant’s funding period. Once the PI has agreed to join NExSS, the PI can nominate members of their teams to join as well. The PI is responsible for filling out the membership form for the research team and ensuring its members agree to the NExSS Rules for Participation. This form remains open to PIs to allow them to add more members to their teams in the future. It is available upon request; please contact the NExSS Leads to receive it.

New PIs and members who have agreed to abide by the NExSS rules of participation are added to the NExSS mailing lists and Slack workspace soon after filling out the forms. At this time the members are also able to join one of the many Science Working Groups and attend NExSS events.

If you are a member of a NExSS team but are not yet on our mailing lists or in the Slack workspace, please contact your PI to submit a membership request on your behalf.

Thank you for your interest in NExSS!