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Shawn D Domagal-Goldman


  • Organization
    ROCKE3D Team, Virtual Planet Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


  • Biography

    My research focuses on ascertaining as much as possible about "alien planets" using sparse data sets. For the early Earth and other terrestrial planets, I work on utilizing isotopic trends as proxies for atmospheric processes and elemental cycling. This includes work on the fundamental controls on Fe isotope fractionation and on global controls on mass-independent Sulfur isotope fractionation (S-MIF). For extrasolar planets, I help develop (and sometimes critique) spetroscopy-based characerization techniques that can inform us about a planet's surface climate, habitability, and ecosystems. I'm also extremely passionate about science communication, and believe it is our responsibility as publicly-funded scientists to bring the resutls of our research back to the public. To this end, I've helped organize FameLab events in the US... and am always looking for new opportunities to talk about NASA science in public forums. For more, see my NASA page:

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