Chairs: Daniel Apai ( and Rory Barnes (

NExSS launched its Quantitative Habitability Science Working Group (QuantHab) in August 2020. Our QuantHab SWG held a workshop in December 2020 with over hundred attendees, and continues its biweekly meetings. To join the SWG, please, contact Denise Gose ( The QuantHab Science Working Group is working toward the following goals:

  • 1) Establish efficient channels of communication for the relevant groups
  • 2) Identify and connect to existing resources and activities to avoid duplication and maximize efficiency
  • 3) Establish a centralized online hub to collect and organize relevant datasets, publications, links to groups
  • 4) Organize quarterly workshops focused on integrating quantitative knowledge on habitability

The QuantHab SWG has bi-weekly meetings. We held a workshop in December 2020, and we are planning another workshop in Summer 2021.

Our primary means of communication are via the QuantHab channel in the NExSS workspace (#quanthab-swg) and via an email mailing list.

New members can join the QuantHab Science Working Group by emailing or Slack messaging (within the NExSS workspace) Denise Gose (

For more information, please see the current QuantHab website:

Upcoming Meetings:
Aug 27 Antonin Affholder