By Steve Desch

Winner of the 2021 UCLA Meteorite Gallery Poetry Contest

We tend to say Earth’s building blocks
were plain chondritic asteroid rocks
and tell a story nice and neat:
accretion was a one-way street.
But might collisions also place
some Earthy rocks back into space?

Asteroid impacts lack finesse.
Colliding bodies make a mess.
How many garnets, jades and granites
once were blasted off of planets?
Could it be the Belt was pelted
with some rocks that once were melted?

The “A” type asteroids we have seen
are mostly made of olivine,
forged within the depths of Mars,
but then ejected to the stars
when a rock-Mars confrontation
formed the Borealis Basin.

Though it might seem somewhat strange,
the Belt and planets did exchange
more than a planetesimal’s worth
of rocks formed at the very birth
of bodies just like Mars and Earth…
If proto-Earth’s crust was destroyed,
why not terrestrial asteroids?!