Please join us for a NExSS Technosignatures Science Working Group webinar event: “An Introduction to Technosignatures and Their Connection to Searches for Biosignatures” on Thursday, June 3 from 1:00 to 5:15 pm Eastern. Zoom connection information can be found in the NExSS Slack workspace and via email.

The event will include four (4) speakers discussing the current status of Technosignature science as well as its links to the search for, and characterization of, biosignatures. The schedule is as follows:

  • 1:00-1:45pm: Jason Wright (Penn State) will give a review talk on Technosignature Science. 
  • 1:45-2:15pm: Discussion
  • 2:15-2:30pm: Bruce Macintosh (Stanford) “High-contrast-imaging searches for bio and technosignatures
  • 2:30-2:45pm: Discussion
  • 2:45-3:00pm: Break
  • 3:00-3:45pm: Niki Parenteau (NASA Ames) “Comparing biosignatures from simple and higher life forms and assessing their detectability.”
  • 3:45-4:00pm: Discussion
  • 4:00-4:45pm: David Kipping (Columbia) “Temporal and Statistical Perspectives on our Quest for Life”
  • 4:45-5:00pm: Discussion
  • 5:00-5:15pm: Concluding remarksPlease join us for talks and discussions on the frontiers of the search for life in the Universe!

Adam Frank, Jason Wright, Jacob Haqq-Misra, Ravi Kopparapu, Dawn Gelino