BUFFET-2: Building a Unified Framework For Exoplanet Treatments, second edition

October 20-21, 2022 • online everywhere

Following up on the first successful BUFFET meeting in September 2021, we propose to hold a second virtual workshop on the 20th and 21st of October 2022. The first BUFFET workshop was initiated based on the THAI Workshop, which was held online 14-16 September 2020. Both these previous meetings resulted in several break-out groups, working into new Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs), each of which focuses on a particular theme of intercomparisons. The initial three working groups initiated what is now a conglomerate of seven MIPs across the modeling disciplines relevant to exoplanet science. For a full explanation of the MIPs and their delicious abbreviations, see table 1 and the figure bellow.

Since the BUFFET meeting, the MIPs have mostly been working in parallel to develop their experimental protocols, and for the second CUISINES BUFFET we envision ample opportunity for the MIPs to share experiences and connect the various MIP inputs/outputs together. At the moment of writing, several MIPs have submitted, or are advanced in the preparations of, their protocol papers, which include the studied test cases, descriptions of the models, as well as some of the first results. Cross pollination between the different MIPs would be highly beneficial at this time, as similar technical and logistical challenges are experienced across the board. In addition, a CUISINES general protocol paper has been finalized and will be available at the time of BUFFET-2.

The focus of the second CUISINES BUFFET would be on bringing the MIPs into the same virtual rooms and enable them to exchange their experiences, protocols, and best practices. We will also welcome a new MIP by Nicolas Iro (Austria), the MOdeling the Circulation of Hot exoplanet Atmospheres (MOCHA), as a hot Jupiter MIP which was currently missing in the meta-framework. This is especially timely considering the recently released spectra of WASP-96 b by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Model Intercomparison Projectabbreviation Topic and Goals
Trappist Habitable Atmospheres IntercomparisonTHAIExoplanet GCMs for TRAPPIST-1e
Sparse Atmospheric MOdel Sampling Analysis SAMOSAExoplanet GCMs for Earth-like exoplanets in a large parameter space with quasi Monte Carlo 
Functionality of Ice Line Latitudinal EBM Tenacity FILLETEnergy balance models for terrestrials around G dwarfs
Comparison of Reference Exoplanet Models of Earth CREMEExoplanet GCMs for pre-industrial Earth 
Comparing Atmospheric Models of Extrasolar Mini-neptunes Building and Envisioning Retrievals and Transits CAMEMBERTExoplanet GCMs for Mini Neptunes 
Photochemical model Intercomparison for Exoplanets PIE1D photochemical models for exoplanets
Modeling Atmospheric Lines By the Exoplanet Community MALBECRadiative transfer for a large variety of exoplanets
MOdeling the Circulation of Hot exoplanet Atmospheres MOCHAGCM dynamical core for hot gas giants

Brief outline of workshop activities:

Thursday, October 20 (10am – 4pm EDT):

  • Presentation of the various CUISINES MIPs
  • Pairing MIPs (breakouts)

Friday, October 21 (11am – 4pm EDT):

  • MIP pairing debriefing
  • New MIP (MOCHA) introduction
  • MIP group meetings
  • Plenary and wrap up

A detailed agenda can be found here: BUFFET-2 agenda.

Registration is FREE. We ask everyone to complete this registration form no later than October 15, in order to receive updates for Zoom links and other important information: https://forms.gle/jFPXMGX5o9UiX2Ht5

See you all on Thursday, October 20!

  • Co-Chairs 
    • Thomas Fauchez: CUISINES co-lead, THAI Chef, NASA GSFC/AU, USA
    • Vincent Kofman: MALBEC sous Chef, NASA GSFC & AU, USA
  • SOC:
    • Duncan Christie: CAMEMBERT Chef, University of Exeter, UK.
    • Russell Deitrick: FILLET Chef, University of Victoria, Canada
    • Jacob Haqq-Misra: SAMOSA Chef, BMSIS, USA
    • Sonny Harman: PIE Chef, NASA Ames, USA
    • Estelle Janin: MALBEC sous Chef, Arizona State University, USA
    • Linda Sohl: CUISINES Co-lead, NASA GISS, Columbia University, USA
    • Kostas Tsigaridis: CREME Chef, NASA GISS, Columbia University
    • Geronimo Villanueva: MALBEC Chef, NASA GSFC, USA